SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Sherrie Swensen had a difficult decision to make earlier this month: would she file for re-election?

The deadline, March 4, came and went. For the first time in three decades, county clerk would not be in her future.

“I wanted to take some time for myself, for my family,” said Swensen.

“I have been the county clerk since 1991,” added Swensen.

The Democrat, who handily beat GOP candidates for more than three decades, says she’s going out on her own terms. Her legacy, she hopes, will be that of a tireless public servant who got out of her office to meet constituents.

When registering to vote was a daunting process, she says, she made sure that boxes with registration forms were put out in various locations around the community.

“We now mail a ballot to every registered voter, automatically,” said Swensen.

Voting got easier in Salt Lake County, she says, but her job brought new challenges in recent years.

“I think the darkest days was hearing the misinformation about the vote by mail being fraudulent. Having ballots supposedly inserted into our system,” said Swensen.

She’s not going anywhere just yet; she’ll oversee the primary elections in June and the election in November.

Swensen says she’s looking forward to spending more time with her children, and grandchildren, in the months and years to come.