After bomb scare at Logan High, police remind youth not to post fake threats online

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LOGAN, Utah (ABC4) – Classes at Logan High School had a late start Tuesday morning after multiple law enforcement agencies responded to a bomb threat. The Logan Police Department identified a suspect who confessed to posting the threat on Instagram as a joke.  

“Late last evening, a student noticed an Instagram post that mentioned the possibility of a bomb threat at Logan High School,” Logan City School District Communications Director Shana Longhurst told ABC4 Tuesday morning.  

According to the school district, that student reported the threat on a school app. This app can be used to report different things across the school district including bullying. Longhurst said after reviewing the submission, the district then contacted the police department. 

“Our night crew jumped on it and called in some detectives,” Logan City Police Department Assistant Chief Jeff Simmons stated.

He explained that the Joint Terrorism Task Force and Utah State University Police assisted by ringing in four dogs to help search campus for explosives throughout the night and into the morning hours. While searching the campus, other officers searched for the I.P. address from which the online threat originated.

According to Assistant Chief Simmons, the department secured warrants and “then the officers and detectives went and were able to locate and contact the suspect. Who is enrolled in Logan High School.” 

Simmons told ABC4 the suspect confessed to making the post as a joke. With permission from the young man’s parents, the police department searched more of the student’s property to make sure there was no threat of a bomb. After additional investigation, officers believed the student was telling the truth. However, the investigation will continue to make sure no other students were involved.  

 “This is the best outcome no doubt about it,” stated Simmons. “Although, there is a huge cost in resources, and manpower that we have to commit… We have to take it seriously. We can’t even once say, ‘Oh, it was nothing.'” 

The school district is leaving the investigation to the police department. “Our priority is making sure that our students feel safe, and our staff feel safe,” Longhurst said. “We do have increased police presence at the school so that there are eyes out there as well as increased counseling opportunities for our students and staff who may feel shaken up.” 

Police are reminding students to be mindful about what they post online because all threats are taken seriously. “What these young people don’t understand is the time, commitment, and the manpower and the resources that have to go to check out this threat, and it could be deprived from someone who really is in need,” stated Simmons. He told ABC4 that the county attorney will decide if any charges will be filed.  

The school district is thankful to the student who reported the post. 

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