On Monday, it will have been three years since Elizabeth Salgado vanished.

Elizabeth disappeared on April 16, 2015, as she was walking home from school in Provo.  She had only been in the United States for a few weeks and was attending school to learn English. She was 26 years old at the time.

Three years of searching. Three years of wondering. Three years of stressing. The Salgado family says they are not giving up in finding her, but her disappearance has been very difficult on them.

“It’s been very devastating. My father died because of the stress that we couldn’t find her; My sister – her health is deteriorating more and more and she can’t even sleep anymore,” Elizabeth’s uncle, Rosemberg Salgado said during a press conference Friday.

Police say the search for Elizabeth has reached beyond Utah’s borders. They suspect there’s someone out there with information that knows something. They’re calling on that person to come forward.

If you know anything about this case you are asked to contact Provo police at 801-852-6210.