SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – The Housing Authority of Salt Lake City (HASLC) has been awarded a position through a federal program that will expand affordable housing efforts in the state.

HASLC is now part of the Moving to Work Landlord (MTW) Incentive cohort, which was created by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

In January 2022, the HUD announced the 29 agencies that were selected and Salt Lake City made the cut.

Through the cohort, the HUD will evaluate landlord incentives and their impact on participation in HUD’s Housing Choice Voucher Program to improve residents’ ability to use vouchers in their community.

The program will allow the “expansion of their local efforts that currently house 10,000 Utahns,” a press release states.

“These agencies have put forth impressive plans to further support housing choices for people in their communities, including innovative ways to engage landlord, who are critical partners in delivering HUD’s rental assistance program,” said Deputy Secretary Adrianne Todman.

The HASLC created the Landlord Outreach program several years ago to build strong relationships with landlords and assist prospective residents with high-barrier issues that affected their ability to get approved for a home. Although the program has been successful, the rise in overpriced and unafforadable rentals has made the program a bit out dated.

The HASLC plans to increase the number of affordable housing units available in Salt Lake City, increase participation of new and existing landlords, and expand programs of support resources for basic needs and employement to its residents.

According to a press release, only 2% of the country’s 4,000 housing authorities are accepted into the cohort.