SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — The Natural History Museum of Utah recently introduced an adorable new addition to its family as a baby chinchilla was happily welcomed by visitors and fans on social media.

The male chinchilla, who has yet to be given a name, was born on July 26 by his mother Minccino. Both chinchillas join a wide variety of animal ambassadors at the museum’s popular Wild World exhibit.

A month after its birth, NHMU posted a video on Instagram of the unnamed baby chinchilla — also called a kit — as he curiously explored his exhibit with expert animal handlers nearby to monitor his health.

“The kit is growing bigger and stronger each day, making our newest resident a furry delight for any guests lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the exhibit,” the museum remarks in the caption on social media.

This chinchilla kit and his mother are each of the domestic long-tailed chinchilla species — classified by their long, soft hair, as well as a gray/white appearance.

According to NHMU, wild chinchilla populations are under enormous stress due to poaching and habitat encroachment, with only about 10,000 currently left in the wild.

This week, a new video was shared of the ever-growing chinchilla kit as NHMU also calls upon museum guests to help find a name for their precious new resident.

The Wild World: Stories of Conservation & Hope exhibition runs through Nov. 5, 2023, and is designed to educate visitors on the endangerment risks faced by many species while also giving them a chance to meet a variety of wildlife through its live animal encounters.