ABC4 Utah celebrates 70 years on the air

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (News4Utah) – On April 19th, 1948. ABC4 Utah began broadcasting television from its station in downtown Salt Lake City. Former employees took a look back at some of the biggest impacts the station has had on the community.

Clayton Brough toured the station Thursday and was amazed by the new technology, and how sharp televisions in the studio make a broadcast look.

When he came to Channel 4 in 1980 as a weather man, he often only had one satellite photo to show viewers about the forecast.

“It only produced about one satellite photo, and a camera would have to come in a take a picture of that, and you hope it was visible enough for the audience,” said Brough.

The computer models at that time only had an accurate forecast for three days out.

Former Sports Director Steve Brown knew all too well how hard technology made it to film certain events.

“You’d have a 100 foot load or about two and a half minutes of film,” said Brown. “You would ask him to go get highlights of a game in the two and a half minutes. Well if you had shot your film and the last shot of the game was the winner…that’s too bad.”

Brown also was able to cover one of the biggest events in Utah’s history in 1979 when it was announced in the New Orleans Jazz would be moving to Salt Lake City.

“For this city that was a great story and for me individually personally a great opportunity to do it,” said Brown. “It was really a milestone.”

Technology has improved broadcast news throughout the years. Now viewers can get local information from anywhere in the world. Brough notes while the tools may change the mission of broadcast news hasn’t.

“No matter how slick it looks no matter what you have in technology it’s still the person relating to people.”

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