A throwback hair-cut thats taking over your feed

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SAN FRANCISCO, California (ABC4 News)- Thick, wispy chunks of hair in the middle of your forehead might seem a little too Farrah Fawcett for 2018 but this throwback look is taking over.

The flat bobs, layers and ombres have been repeating trends for what seems like years. It only takes a few A-listers to make a new hair-do a complete sensation.

Waist-length hair is being morphed into piece-y locks that frame the face and the women who claim these hair-cuts are revisiting styles we haven’t seen in years. Women are ditching the curling and flat irons and embracing their natural hair textures.

Next time you’re on social media see if your cyber friends are sporting these new dos. You might find yourself lost on different hair stylists pages contemplating what hair journey you’ll take next.

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have become increasingly popular platforms to share creative experiences with others.

Everything and anything can she shared on social media. Viewers inquire about everything from currents trends, go to restaurants and breaking local and national news.

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