OGDEN, Utah (ABC4 News) – Olivia Horne did not know what to think. Her mom’s car was stolen and with it a big part of a charity project for local veterans.

Oliva, her mother, and her grandmother have been sewing like crazy to make quilts to take to the Ogden Veterans home for Christmas. Hours and Hours of literally building quilts piece by piece.

They made 120 quilts.

When the car was taken, 48 of those quilts for charity were in the car. Suddenly the charity project was in danger. The quilts were top of mind, even before getting the car back.

Olivia said she didn’t know what to do? “If I could just figure out a way to get the quilts back, that would be okay.”

She found a facebook called “You know your from Ogden if…” and she shared a post:

“Hey all, my mom’s car was stolen on 12/7 around 8 am near 12th St and Wall. Me, my mom and my grandma have been making quilts to take to the Ogden Veteran’s home for Christmas. We had to make 120. 48 of these quilts were in my moms’ car and are now GONE. 48!!!! Social media is powerful. Please share in case someone sees it somewhere.”

People saw the post and shared it 93 times.

In the comments, people started trying to help. One person said he might have seen the car on the way to work, and he called the tip hotline. People offered to help make more quilts. They talked about why it was important to watch out for each other, and then the ultimate question.

“Was everything inside?” “Yes.”

When Olivia’s mom got to the car the 48 missing quilts were still inside.

And Olivia’s response? “It’s been found, Thank you Ogden.”

A very grateful sounding Olivia Horn told ABC4 News, “You hear so much bad about social media, but this time it was a good thing.”

Facebook Post for Stolen Car
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