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A new search has been planned for St. George teen now missing three years

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ST. GEORGE, Utah (News4utah) – Saturday marks three years since then 17-year-old Macin Smith disappeared from his home in St. George. 

Every year without answers is another year Tracey Bratt-Smith suffers not knowing what has happened to her beautiful blue-eyed boy Macin. When the two year mark came and went, Bratt-Smith said all the unknown has made those two years feel like just a few months but the pain of missing her son is unlike anything she has experienced before. 

“We are all still hurting. We all want to find answers. We all want a positive outcome,” Bratt-Smith said. “Macin left a huge hole in our lives. We continue to try and maintain and function without our missing piece. Some days, we do okay. Others, we sink into a deep feeling of hopelessness with the realization, this could be the new normal.”

No one is willing to give up on finding answers for the Smith family. It has now been three years, and the feelings of missing Macin are just as strong.

Family, friends and volunteers continue to search for the now 20-year-old and a new search has been planned for next Saturday, September 8. 

Macin’s Army consists of nearly 60,000 people and continues to grow. Today, those who support the search for Macin were asked to change their pages to blue in support of finding him. 

“Let’s shout out and show him we care,” said Jolyne Bowden Gailey, a long term supporter of the Smith family and the Help Find Macin Smith Facebook and Twitter pages. “If you search the pictures in this page you will find several pictures of him if you want to change your profile picture to his photo, just to honor of him for one day.”

The search is scheduled to start at 8 a.m. at 3000 East Banded Hills Drive in St. George. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join in the search. 

Macin left home the morning of September 1, 2015 at the age of 17. Both Tracey Bratt-Smith and her husband Darrin thought he was on his way to school but later found out he never even made it to school and had left his cell phone, wallet and computer at home, taking nothing with him. 

Tracey and her husband found a note a week later inside his wallet. While they have not shared the contents of the note, they have indicated it has lead them to believe he might have intended to harm himself.

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