SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – “Don’t give your car away” is what the Salt Lake City Police Department is warning the public against.

This comes after a reported 236 vehicles were stolen last month. SLCPD says one more was stolen Tuesday morning while it was left running.

Detective Micheal Ross with the Salt Lake Police Department says 257 vehicles have been recovered so far. The number includes vehicles that were stolen in previous months.

The Police department says a running unattended car is “a gift you don’t want to give” as it gives suspects easy access to steal your vehicle.

Police are advising the public to lock their doors and take their keys. It is the only way to be sure your car doesn’t get stolen.

Detective Ross added that they continue to see a spike in car thefts. The most common ways vehicles are stolen are when they are either left running or the key fob is left in the vehicle.