SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Reports of a line of UFOs seen flying in Utah’s stormy skies have been circulating since about 5:30 a.m. With storm clouds rolling in, did people really see something in the skies?

Yes, yes they did.

According to Jennifer Campbell of West Valley City, “Early in the morning, I saw them flying in a straight line, there was a fleet of them flying over the Mountains.”

Video sent to ABC4 by Jenn Campbell of what was seen in the sky from West Valley City

Are they aliens? Probably not.

When she told ABC4 what she saw, we spoke with meteorologist Adam Carroll about what she might have seen. Adam could not say if the cloud cover broke where she might have been seeing something from space. Adam said, “There was a lot of cloud cover with the approaching storm. We should call the Air Force first.”

And that is exactly what we did. We knew night flying operations were going on through April. Could it have been a squadron of hight tech Air Force F-35’s?

ABC4 placed a call to Hill Air Force Base’s 388th Fighter Wing. We asked if it was the Air Force and their high tech jets. The Air Force spokesperson said, “We were not flying this morning; maybe it was the Starlink Satellites?”

Starlink Satellites help provide internet service around the earth. They are a project of Elon Musk’s and have been being placed in the sky by SpaceX. Because the satellites catch reflections from the sun, they reflect as a new constellation – or UFOs – as they are seen in the sky as they pass by.

But were they over Utah early this morning? The answer is yes.

A website recommended by SpaceX for tracking the satellites says they were right over us this morning.

The website said you could see them for two minutes and the status was “bright.”

The Starlink satellites have been causing UFO reports all over the world because of how they appear to be moving in a line over the earth. But, it’s not aliens this time. Just another high tech project unexpectedly surprising people all over the world.

This time it was Utah.