DRAPER, Utah (ABC4) – The Bridegan family continues to look for closure after one of their own was brutally murdered. 

Almost three months ago, on Feb 16, 2022, 33-year-old Jared Bridegan was shot four times in front of his two-year-old daughter while they were on their way home, according to his widow, Kirsten Bridegan.

ABC4 spoke with Kirsten, as well as Jared’s older brother, Adam Bridegan.

The Bridegan’s said they are living through a nightmare, constantly in fear. 

Jared’s killer has still not been identified, according to police, and could be anywhere in the country.

Kirsten told ABC4 she spends every waking hour trying to find out who did it.

Adam pleaded with us to tell the community, “If you know anything, please come forward.” Call First Coast Crime Stoppers at 866-845-8477 or message their Instagram @justiceforjaredb.

Kirsten said she didn’t spend her 31st birthday on Sunday by celebrating, rather she spent it by searching.

She has been searching for answers almost 3 months after the love of her life was brutally murdered about 30 minutes away from their Jacksonville, Florida home.

“He was shot close range in front of his daughter, trapped as he was lured to this spot and got out of his car,” said the BYU graduate, Kirsten Bridegan. “This whole thing is just crazy.”

On the night of Feb 16th, 2022, Kirsten said Jared, a graduate of Utah Valley University, dropped off his kids from his first marriage back to their mom’s house.

On the drive back home with his two-year-old daughter, she says that Jared noticed a tire in the middle of the road.

He pulled over and tried to move it. 

That’s when she said someone approached him and shot him four times, execution style, in front of his daughter Bexley. 

“Just yesterday she [Bexley] asked me if she could help fix daddy so he could come home.” said Kirsten. At home, Kirsten said she scours social media and posts pictures of him to try to get the community’s help. 

She said she’s received thousands of tips but nothing yet to find the person behind the UVU grad’s murder.

Police said the only substantial clue they have is that the suspect could be driving a dark blue Ford F-150 with running boards, brown trim and a toolbox. 

“This was deliberate,” said Adam Bridegan. “He was targeted and those people are still at large and that is the thing that keeps us all up at night.”

What keeps Adam Bridegan up at night is not having any answers to his younger brother’s death. 

Kirsten on the other hand struggles most with the loneliness, the fact she is without her life partner. “The house is quiet you know,” said Kirsten. “I don’t have someone to play a card game with or watch a show with. It’s just me and an empty home, an empty bed and his presence is definitely not here.”

With Jared’s presence gone, Adam speaks for his family when he said they live in fear.

“It’s one thing to experience death, but it’s one thing to have someone murdered and not have answers, and to live with that fear is something I’d never wish on any other family,” said Adam. 

Jared’s family considered him the ultimate family man, always looking for ways to entertain his kids and enjoy life with them. 

He is survived by his parents, three siblings, his wife and their two kids, two-year-old Bexley and nine-month-old London. 

If you know anything in this case, please reach out to Kirsten here: @justiceforjaredb. Send her a message no matter how small you may think the tip may be. 

Kirsten said with all the people he has met in Utah, and the Utah based companies he’s worked for, there has to be answers from someone in the beehive state.

“I feel like there could be chatter in Utah that is relevant to his case and I am hoping that with Utah’s help, we could get some tips that are substantial to share with police,” said Kirsten.