SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – A day in the life of a Utah Department of Transportation Incident Management Team member is unpredictable. Team members patrol Utah roads in search of people who need help and also work off of Utah highway patrol’s radio.

“Whenever a 911 comes in we hear it come out, and then the highway patrol dispatch, they can also send us to anything that’s not law. Anything that’s not criminal or anything that doesn’t involve a police officer,” says Colby Donnelson, an Incident Management Specialist for UDOT.

Incidents can involve anything from clearing debris off the road, assisting in resolving vehicle issues, helping stranded drivers or even dealing with devastating car accidents. “It really depends on the traffic that day. The heaviness of the traffic and where it’s at and what it’s doing,” says Donnelson.

What doesn’t change is that the team members are and the fact that it’s a dangerous job.

“We’re paying attention to traffic, we’re trying to watch the drivers to make sure they see us. and we always have an exit plan,” says Donnelson. For him, those risks are worth it to give people peace on the roads, and help save lives.

“This is kind of the common answer for everyone, but I want to help people,” says Donnelson, “it’s something I’m passionate about and i feel like I can do it, and someone has to do it, so it should be me.”