911 calls released in I-15 plane crash

Local News
RIVERDALE, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – Audio recordings have now been released from the 911 calls about the plane crash on Interstate 15 in Weber County. 
The crash instantly killed the four people on board, but amazingly didn’t hit any of the cars on the busy freeway. Many people who saw it happen right before their eyes called for help. 
Here’s are excerpts from some of the calls: 
Caller: “That plane nose dived right into the ground.  There’s a big black cloud it just exploded.” 
Caller: “We just watched a plane crash.”
Caller: “It looked like it landed right on top of the freeway. 
Dispatcher: “We’ve got units on the way to help, OK?”
Caller: “Do you guys know that a plane just went down?”
Caller: There’s been an airplane crash on I-15 northbound… Um north of 5600 South Exit.  
Dispatcher: “OK. Do you know how many vehicles are involved?”
Caller: “I don’t know if any vehicles were involved. I believe it was just the airplane impacted.” 
Caller: “I don’t see how anyone could have survived it.”

Caller: “I don’t know where it hit just watched an airplane hit the ground.”
Dispatcher: “I-15 about Roy? On the freeway, correct? Do you know what color the plane was?”
Caller: “It was white.” 

Dispatcher: “Did you see what happened? Are you a witness?”
Caller: “I did. Yes.”  
Dispatcher: “Can you describe for me what happened?” 
Caller: “Um we were heading northbound on I-15. Um… I looked up right before the Riverdale exit and I saw the plane and he was initially heading northbound…. And he was bumping around with the plane nose headed down and I turned to my mother and I said, ‘that plane is really low.’ And then he hit the ground and it exploded.

Officials say more than 40 people witnessed the fiery freeway crash. Because of this, the Department of Public Safety’s Victim Services helped Weber County Advocates to set up a Family Assistance Center where witnesses can receive help. 
The FAC was open Thursday, July 27, the day following the crash, from 1 to 5 p.m. at the Weber County Building. 

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