SOUTH SALT LAKE (News4Utah) -In a shocking twist to a Father’s Day tragedy, police say 89 year old Rose Martinez was killed by her own grandson Sunday.

The violent hostage situation inside a home at 451 East Stanley Avenue ended with Mrs. Martinez dead, her 71 year old husband in the hospital and her grandson Abe Martinez shot dead by SWAT officers.

44 year old Abe Martinez had recently been paroled from a federal prison and apparently went to the house where his grandmother and step-grandfather lived to settle some type of score.

“He went there with some type of malice towards his grandparents unbeknownst to them,” Executive Officer Gary Keller of the South Salt Lake Police Department told News4Utah. “Abe had entered the residence and had taken the grandparents hostage and was in the act of assaulting them as they were on the phone. All of this information was being relayed from neighbors and officers on the scene that can hear the sounds from inside the home.”

As frantic neighbors waved arriving officers to the scene, 911 dispatchers relayed to them that Abe was attacking his grandmother and her husband with a knife.

“He is currently supposedly stabbing the stepfather,” a dispatcher said. “They’re hearing a lot of screaming.”

“All the while he’s assaulting the grandparents and ultimately caused the death to the grandmother and the grandfather was transported in and critical condition,” Officer Keller said. “Thankfully he’s been upgraded to serious and stable condition.”
Finally, officers from the South Salt Lake and Salt Lake Unified Police Departments open fire on the suspect through a front window.

Abe was fatally wounded. Now police are eager to speak to his step-grandfather to learn why a motive for the attack.

“Why he showed up yesterday,” Officer Keller said. “Why he had such anger directed toward his grandparents? We don’t know that yet.”

The West Valley City Police Department’s Critical Incident Team is investigating the officer involved shooting.

The officers who fired their weapons are on administrative leave during the investigation.