(ABC4) – If spring cleaning has left you with piles of items to give away, why not try to make a little cash?

Fortunately, there are lists of selling apps and sites that allow you to list and sell items with little effort. Here are eight platforms to get you started with online selling.

Mercari: This app allows you to sell a variety of items from clothes to electronics to handmade goods. Creating a listing is simple and straightforward. However, when the listed item is bought, Mercari keeps 10% of the sale. Mercari will provide you with a shipping label for each item sold if you choose to ship through them.

Poshmark: This app is often listed as the top place to sell used or new clothing. You can also sell things like makeup, shoes, jewelry, and bedding. For sales under $15, the app charges $2.95. For sales over $15, Poshmark takes 20% of the listing price. They will send a pre-paid shipping label once an item sells.

ThredUp: This is another popular app for selling used clothes, shoes, and bags. Known as an online consignment shop, ThredUp handles the posting and selling for you. They will send you a kit that you fill with items you want to sell. You will receive a portion of the sale price when your item sells. You will receive a higher portion of the payout for higher-scale items.

Facebook Marketplace: Facebook lets you list and sell items for free. You can post your listing on the marketplace as well as on local selling groups specific to your area. Sellers can choose to sell locally or to ship your item to buyers. There’s also the option to ‘boost’ your sales, which will make your posting appear on people’s news feeds and targets customers. Some sellers may choose to hide their listings from their Facebook friends.

eBay: eBay is the OG of selling sites. The seller is in charge of listing and shipping their items. it’s important to note that the site does charge some selling fees.

Decluttr: Looking to sell electronics, video games, or DVDs? Then Decluttr is your go-to! What makes it unique is Decluttr directly buys items from the seller, so there is no waiting for a buyer to purchase your item to get paid. The seller can select the make, model, and condition of items or simply the barcode for CDs, DVDs, and games to get an instant price. Use the Decluttr app as a barcode scanner. Then ship your items and receive a payment in a few days. And the cost of shipping is covered! You will just need to print the shipping labels.

5miles: What makes this platform unique is buyers and sellers can communicate to negotiate a price. You can set a starting amount and let buyers offer competing bids for the item. A nice feature is that sellers can add a video to their listing.

OfferUp: OfferUp is a local marketplace that allows sellers to browse nearby deals. Sellers can list items like electronics, furniture, cars, baby gear, and more. You can instantly message sellers through the app and browse profiles to meet members in your community.