LEHI, Utah (ABC4) – Leonard Loschen, a 74-year-old man out of Lehi, was sentenced to multiple years in Utah State Prison after being convicted of multiple counts of sexual abuse, including forcible sodomy, in a plea deal where he admitted to abusing kids that were involved in missionary work.

According to court documents, Loschen convinced his victims that he needed their help in practicing “medical procedures,” where he would then initiate sexual contact and sexual abuse.

The documents show that Loschen did this routine with at least seven different missionaries while on missions in Sandy, Brigham City, and Texas, telling his victims that they were helping him “get a better grade” in his “home health care” class.

The victims were all under the impression that they were getting a physical, when Loschen would grope and touch the boys in highly graphic manners.

Loschen reportedly admitted to his perversion and was seeking help with a bishop.

He also stated that he, himself, was “physically, emotionally, and sexually abused” as a child by his parents and that “this is how his parents showed him he was loved.”

Here are the charges filed against Leonard Loschen:

  • Three counts of Forcible Sodomy (first-degree felony)
  • Seven Counts of Forcible Sexual Abuse (second-degree felony)