6 unusual signs you may have heart disease

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (News4Utah) — Could there really be physical, outward signs you may be suffering from heart disease? Doctors say yes. It might be time to check your teeth, gums and fingernails for these telltale signs.

“There are a lot of signs people think they are benign but can be indicative of heart disease,” Dr. Sohail Khan, St. Marks Hospital Cardiologist. Dr. Khan is a cardiologist at the Heart Center at St. Mark’s Hospital in Salt Lake City.

Khan says one sign could be blue lips, another sign are clubbed fingernails.

“That could be indicative of heart failure and low oxygen in the system.”

Another sign, is a halo around the iris. Sign number 4: fatty yellow bumps around the eyes, elbows knees and buttocks.

“That can be a sign of high cholesterol. High cholesterol can lead to heart disease,” said Dr. Khan. 

Sign number 5: rotten gums and loose teeth.The last unusual sign: creased ear lobes.

“If you see a crease that can be underlying atherosclerosis, which is the most common cause of heart attacks.”

6 Unusual Signs of Heart Disease

  • Blue Lips
  • Clubbed Fingernails
  • Halo around Iris
  • Fatty Bumps
  • Rotten Gums/Loose Teeth
  • Creased Earlobes

These signs may not always indicate heart failure and there are other signs to indicate heart disease. It’s best to check with your doctor with your concerns. Dr. Khan says the best prevention of heart disease is to have a healthy diet, exercise, stop smoking, keep your blood pressure and diabetes under control. 

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