UTAH (ABC4) – This year, more students than ever are planning to stay sober over spring break.

A recent study conducted by RecoveryFirst.org has found that almost half (47%) of American college students are planning to abstain from alcohol during their spring break vacation this year.

Compared to the national average, Utah college students are more likely to stay sober this year, with 54% of them divulging that they will not be drinking over spring break.

According to the study, spring breakers proved to get out of control last year. Many flocked to Miami’s Ocean Drive, attracted to its loose COVID restrictions. The situation got out of hand when public fights broke out, destroying public property and causing danger to locals. As a result, the city ordered an emergency 8:00 p.m. curfew.

The idea of a sober lifestyle has proven to be more enticing than ever to younger generations, as noted by the study. Research has shown that Gen Zers are drinking less than their parents were when they were young.

The growing health and wellness movement is one of the suggested reasons why young people are choosing to avoid alcohol. Younger generations are more concerned about their bodies than ever before.

In an attempt to encourage sobriety, numerous spring break hot spots are implementing abstinence measures, including Miami Beach, which will be providing music, wellness, and food experiences.