500 calls received after Hepatitis A warning at 7-Eleven

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WEST JORDAN, Utah (News4Utah) – The Salt Lake County Health Department has fielded nearly 500 calls after reporting an employee at a 7-Eleven store in West Jordan had tested positive for Hepatitis A.

“If they were in this one 7-Eleven store from December 26 through January 3rd, and they used the restroom, consumed a fountain beverage or any other self serve beverage, fresh fruit, or an item from the hot food case like pizza or, taquitos, chicken wings, that they may have potentially been exposed,” said Nicholas Rupp with the Salt Lake County Health Department.

Rupp says the 7-Eleven store didn’t cause the Hepatitis A outbreak, which has been spreading through the valley since August.

“We don’t have any cases from this 7-Eleven, yet — and we won’t know, because Hepatitis A has a long incubation period, it could be two to seven weeks before someone exposed to Hepatitis A shows symptoms,” said Rupp.

Blaize Sanchez works next door to the 7-Eleven. At one point, during summer, he stopped by for food once a day.

“It’s kinda scary,” said Sanchez, who on Monday got a Hepatitis A vaccine.

The 7-Eleven in question has been cleared to re-open by the health department and had customers coming and going as of Tuesday night.

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