SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – A Provo doctor is now facing additional allegations after 50 victims have come forward with dozens of incidents involving sexual assault.

Dr. David Broadbent, an OB/GYN, allegedly “sexually battered and abused” the women over a course of four decades, beginning in the 80s court records state.

It wasn’t until December 2021, when one of Broadbent’s victims talked about her experience on a podcast, causing a number of other accounts of women being sexually abused by the doctor to surface. After this happened, numerous other women came forward and began sharing stories of abuse they suffered from Broadbent.

The victims visited Broadbent at his University Avenue clinic in Provo and rather than receiving medical care, were sexually abused.

According to the lawsuit, Broadbent concealed his sexual misconduct “under the guise of medically necessary care and hid behind the protected positions of authority and trust inherently given to physicians.”

Through his misconduct, Broadbent created enough doubt and uncertainty in the minds of his victims, stopping them from recognizing his sexual misconduct for what it was, court records state.

Broadbent’s victims are from a plethora of states including Utah, Colorado, Arizona, Kentucky, Idaho, Virginia, Nebraska, Maryland, Minnesota, and North Carolina.