5-year-old calls 911, saves grandmother’s life

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AMERICAN FORK, Utah (ABC4 Utah)- A 5-year-old helped save her grandmother’s life after she collapsed at home Sunday.

The grandma, Wendy Reed, reached out to ABC4 to tell her side of the story.

She told us she had been having “episodes” that cause her to fall down and make it so she is unable to move or talk.  “My doctor said the next time it happened to call an ambulance,” she said.

Sunday she found herself on the floor again “feeling funny”. Her 5-year-old granddaughter was with her at the time and immediately jumped into action.

Ruthy put the dog in his crate, opened the front door, and sat right next to grandma and called 911. 

ABC4 got ahold of these 911 tapes. After *correctly* telling the dispatcher her grandma’s address the following happened:

Dispatch: I have some people coming over…what’s happening?

5-year-old: Uhm my grandma got knocked out and I don’t know how and her sugar is right where it needs to be, but she’s acting like she’s sick.

Dispatch: Is there anyone else home with you?

5-year-old: No.

Dispatch: Okay. Just don’t hang up okay. We have help coming. Is she right there next to you? Are you with her?

5-year-old: Yeah.

Dispatch: Is she breathing?

5-year-old: Yeah.

Reed had suffered a shorter bout of fainting before and Ruthy didn’t know what to do. So they practiced together to prepare for another attack. Ruthy learned how to call 911, her address to give to the officer, and how to flag the EMT’s down when she heard sirens. 

Wendy says she’s amazed at how calm Ruthy was through the whole ordeal. “This thing that really surprised me what that she stayed so calm she was not panicked at all, I asked her after if she was scared and she said, a little bit, but you would have never known it.”

Officials say it’s important to teach children what to do in an emergency situation. They need to know how to call 911, their address, and how to unlock the door for emergency personnel. 

Ruthy told us she plans on becoming a Princess Police Officer when she grows up. 

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