SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) — Utah is chock-full of spectacular places to meet for drinks. But sadly, there are fewer options for those looking to relax with a non-alcoholic refreshment after hours.

To open locals up to new late-night experiences, we’ve found several best-rated spots to savor some buzz-free beverages around Salt Lake City.

1. Space Tea

Rumored the “highest quality bubble tea” in the Salt Lake area, Space Tea provides a sweet selection of menu items like its signature teas, slushes, and smoothies.

Even better, the location stays open every night until 11 p.m., so patrons have plenty of time to sit back and savor whilst they socialize.

2. Salt Lake Coffee Break

Perhaps one of the most well-known hangout destinations for “night owls” downtown, Salt Lake Coffee Break specializes in several delectable varieties of coffee and tea.

And the fun doesn’t stop when the sun goes down, as this coffee shop is open most nights till approximately 1 a.m.

3. Greenhouse Effect Coffee and Crepes

As its name suggests, Greenhouse Effect Coffee and Crepes specializes in both brewed beverages and its homemade collection of mouthwatering crepes. Start your visit with a sip and stay for a bite.

Just a few minutes from heart of the city, this delicious cafe experience doesn’t close until 10 p.m. on weekdays and 11 p.m. on weekends.

4. Kung Fu Tea

Offering visitors some of the best milk tea in the state (and possibly the country), Kung Fu Tea is also popular for traditional teas, tasty slushes, and various lemonades.

While this location isn’t available on Mondays, it serves during the week till 9:30 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. on the weekends.

5. Sunset Coffee

Located in Sandy, just 17 minutes from downtown, Sunset Coffee gives visitors a simple spot to meet after hours with a creative selection of coffees and classic eats, from cheeseburgers to pizza.

This go-to spot for late-night drinks is brewing until midnight, with weekends keeping doors open till 1 a.m.