SOUTH SALT LAKE (ABC4) – Four people have been charged with their connection to a shooting that left a man dead outside of a WinCo Foods parking lot.

Mckennalyn Elizabeth Cummins, 24, along with Stafon Coleman, 21, Damian Coleman, 27, and Terell Jones, 30, have all been charged with murder and aggravated robbery and obstructing justice after conspiring to rob Romeo Stevens at a WingCo parking lot in South Salt Lake.

Stevens, 27, was shot several times near a parking lot in WingCo at 2193 S. Main St on May 9.

Officers say video surveillance showed Cummins entering the supermarket with Stevens. He left the store and walked to his white Audi in the parking lot. Stevens then when back inside of the store and a white Volkswagen SUV along with a dark blue Chevy Impala entered the parking lot, parking a few stalls away from Steven’s car.

Stafon, Damian, and Jones got out of the two cars and crouched down behind another car. When Stevens walked back to his car, the three men stood up and Stevens took off running through the parking lot.

Police say a physical struggle ensued between Jones, Stafon, and Stevens, and “several muzzle flashes were seen consistent with the discharges of a firearm.”

Damian picked up Stafon and Jones in the Impala as Stevens laid in the roadway, police say.

When police arrived on the scene, Cummins was located in the driver’s seat of the Volkswagen SUV, who told detectives that she met Stevens who she knew as “Rayo” on Snapchat and agreed to go on a date with him.

She told the police the two were going to go to a restaurant but they all were closed so they decided to go to WingCo to get some food to cook at Stevens’s apartment. Cummin acknowledged that Stevens left the store twice while they were shopping and the second time he left he didn’t come back.

When asked how the Volkswagen got to WingCo Cummins claimed she left the keys inside the car at Stevens’s apartment.

She then told police she felt uncomfortable with Stevens and his friends who were at the apartment so she asked a homeless man, Jay — who she met on Snapchat to get the Volkswagen and drive it to WingCo. She claimed Jay blocked her on Snapchat after dropping the car off.

Officers found a cellphone and IDs belonging to Cummins and Jones in the Volkswagen.

When officers spoke with Damian, he said the group had planned to rob Stevens and Cummins had set the robbery up. Damian said he didn’t run after Steven “because it wasn’t supposed to ‘go down’ like that,” charging documents state.

On Monday police released photos of Cummins, Jones, and Stafon — who are all outstanding suspects in the case. Police believe the three have fled the state or gone into hiding.