SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — With record-high snow totals to be expected around Utah this week, many are still anticipated to make their daily commutes despite dangerous road and highway conditions.

As nationwide storms have shown to be life-threatening for anyone stranded in vehicles, it’s important to know what actions to take when that happens. We’ve compiled a list of the essential steps to take according to The American National Red Cross.

1. Stay in your vehicle and wait for help

If your vehicle is stuck during a snowstorm, do not leave it in search of assistance unless help is visible within 100 yards. Poor conditions can often make walking on foot much more taxing.

If necessary, call 911 and display a clear sign on your vehicle to indicate you need help. Tye a brightly colored cloth on the radio antenna, then raise the hood once the snow stops falling.

2. Turn on engine for 10 minutes every hour

While this keeps your vehicle warmed to prevent breaking down, it also allows a perfect chance to use the heater. For further visibility to others, leave the overhead light on whenever the engine is running.

Moreover, make sure the exhaust pipe is clear of snow and slightly open a downwind window for added ventilation.

3. Attend to your health and stay warm

Light exercise and regular movement can help improve circulation. If more than one person is in the vehicle, huddle together for warmth, and wrap up in newspapers, maps, and even removable floor mats to help conserve body heat.

Avoid dehydration by drinking fluids. Watch for signs of frostbite and hypothermia. Also, pack an emergency kit with essential items to ensure you stay comfortable until help arrives.