29 Utah postal carriers bit by dogs while on deliveries this year

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – Twenty-nine Utah postal carriers were bitten by dogs last year, 10 of the bites happening in the Salt Lake City area.

The United States Postal Service says the dogs aren’t the issue but the dog owners who fail to restrain their dogs.

“The dogs are only doing what is instinctive to them, which is protecting their property and family,” said Salt Lake City Postmaster Steve Chaus. “It’s the dog owners who need to step up and restrain their dogs so carriers can safely deliver the mail.”

Postal officials say in 2017, 32 Utah postal carriers were bitten. Several of the dog attacks were the result of dog owners opening the door to receive a package and their dogs running out and biting the carriers.

Below is a chart from the United States Postal Service with the number of dog attacks to postal carriers in last two years in cities around Utah

City                  2018     2017

Salt Lake City    10         13

Magna              3          0

Payson             2          0

Clearfield         2          3

Lehi                 2          0

Ogden             1          4

Provo               1          3

Brigham City    1          0

Bountiful           1          0

Cedar City        1          1

Logan               0          1

St George         0          0

State of Utah    29         32

According to the United States Postal Service, National Dog Bite Prevention Week is April 14-20. Nationwide, 5,714 postal employees were attacked by dogs in 2018 – down nearly 500 from 2017.

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