UTAH (ABC4) – The $20,000 treasure in the Utah treasure hunt has been found. The treasure was found a day after the second clue was released just eight days after the start of the hunt.

Organizers John Maxim and David Cline announced the finders of the treasure on Saturday, June 11 on Instagram.

The treasure was found by three people, a married couple from Kaysville and the wife’s brother. It was at the North Ogden Divide near Ben Lomond Peak Trail. They say they will split the money between their families and take a fun trip.

This is the third year of the event and the previous record for finding the treasure was 17 days. The organizers of the hunt said they give the hunt 30 days but the this year’s treasure was found in a little over one week, so we now have a new Utah treasure hunt record.

Here were the clues for the treasure hunt:


The first clue reads like a poem:

Start your search with each cool morning

Think of how they would send a warning

Around or through where two birds feed

Look down on your faithful steed

Rest a moment when that’s done

Then turn now from the rising sun

Around the heart but don’t yet stop

Wave as you pass Weathertop

Left or right it’s up to you

One is better though both will do

You’ll know your close with branches swinging

Listen to the hills all singing

Kiss the tree that’s all alone

And find the chest beneath the stone


“You should be familiar with three different movies to understand the post. You may just discover who “they” are. “Get some popcorn and revisit some of the best movies of all time. (Our subjective opinion of course). Although all 3 are ranked in IMDB’s top 250 movies.”


“You should have cell phone service the entire time. From the road to the chest.”

Organizers released the boundaries in which eager hunters should search for the treasure:

Map of area where the $20,000 treasure was

The next treasure hunt is slated to start on Saturday, August 6.