SANDY, Utah (ABC4) — The suspect who was shot by an officer and hospitalized during a confrontation with police in Sandy on Thursday, has died due to his wounds. Sgt. Greg Moffit with the Sandy City Police Department identified the suspect as a 16-year-old boy.

The teen, whose identity has yet to be released to the public, was allegedly spotted by police driving a stolen vehicle just before noon on Nov. 9. Officers followed the car without activating their lights, as they were waiting for reinforcements for a high-risk stop.

Moffit said the teen noticed the officers and began to speed away, but the officers did not initiate a pursuit. At the intersection of 9000 South and Monroe Street, the teen collided with a motorcycle and continued to flee.

After the crash, police followed the teen to a dead-end road a few blocks away. Moffit said two officers confronted the 16-year-old and “at some point” shots were fired by an officer, fatally wounding the teen.

The teen was transported to a local hospital but later died due to his injuries. The officer who shot was not hurt and has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation into the shooting.

Moffit said it’s not yet clear what led the officer to fire or if the teen was armed. The motorcyclist injured in the crash was also taken to the hospital. Their current condition is unknown.