SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (News4Utah) Utah Highway Patrol troopers pulled hundreds of millions of dollars in drugs off the streets. 

New numbers released Wednesday shows law enforcement making a dent in drug trafficking in Utah and the US. 

The numbers are impressive: 13 tons of pot, a half ton of meth, heroin and cocaine intercepted on Utah’s highways in the last five years.

With the help of eleven K-9s, UHP’s troopers stay busy intercepting drugs smuggled into the state.

“They don’t know who they are stopping. What they’ve been involved with, what they are intending to do,” Department of Public Safety Commissioner Keith Squires said. 

Just last year, UHP seized 4,500 pounds of marijuana, 497 pounds of meth, 87 pounds of cocaine, and 41 pounds of heroin. They made 1,600 felony arrests involving 22 drug trafficking organizations, including violent Mexican drug cartels. 

“The public needs to be aware that these efforts are alive; they are present. They are right here in Salt Lake City. They are right here in Utah,” DEA Special Agent Brian Besser said.

Within recent years, US Attorney John Huber admits high-quality marijuana comes from a second front: legal states like Colorado, Oregon and California. 

“It’s disturbing that we have to take attention off of these other very important issues to work on these cases,” Huber said.

While the numbers are impressive, the Special Agent Besser said the fight is far from over. 

“Yes, we are seeing a difference made. I don’t want to mitigate the importance of that. I’m very proud of the differences being made. But in a multi-billion dollar business, it’s a drop in a bucket. But it’s the only drop that’s being made,” Special Agent Besser said.

Law enforcement also seized $7 million in illegally-gained assets.