OGDEN, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – Paying for school lunches will no longer be a concern for many Ogden families. 
Beginning this fall, some Ogden School District schools will be providing free lunch to all students. 
“With this new program, using federal dollars, we’ve identified 12 schools that meet a certain threshold, that, there is no paperwork involved. Automatically, the schools qualified, everybody who goes to that school is qualified. If you go to the school, your child gets free lunches,” said Jer Bates, Ogden School District spokesperson. 
The federal program helping to make this happen has been around for years, but recently the USDA changed the criteria for qualifying. 
Ogden School District officials ran the numbers and found twelve out of its 20 schools will qualify to get free lunches for all students. 
“It’s a tremendous benefit for our families. We know that we have a lot of families that have a difficult time,” said Bates. 
Georgia Dias, a parent in the district, says her family is grateful. 
“Everyday is stressful, so that’s one less thing we have to stress about,” said Dias. 
The twelve schools include:
  • Bonneville Elementary
  • Gramercy Elementary
  • Heritage Elementary
  • Hillcrest Elementary
  • Horace Mann Elementary
  • Lincoln Elementary
  • James Madison Elementary
  • New Bridge Elementary
  • Odyssey Elementary
  • T.O. Smith Elementary
  • Md. Fort Jr. High
  • George Washington High Schools