SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) – Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind (USDB) student Snow Eklund will play the lead role in Aladdin at the Layton Theatre.

Eklund, 10 years old, is blind due to a condition called Retinoblastoma, a cancer that starts in the retina, which is by far the most common type of eye cancer in children.

She is said to be an amazing actress, coached by a team of blind education specialists from the USDB.

Her outreach teacher Lori Miller has helped Eklund to learn Braille, and her mobility specialists Shannon Brown and Alex Westergard have helped her with how to navigate using a cane.

Miller has nothing but good things to say about her student, stating:

“Snow Eklund is an amazing actress and a wonderful student. I have really enjoyed working with her this school year. Snow is an excellent braille reader. She has so many fabulous abilities and talents. I can’t wait to see her on the stage at the theatre! All of us from the Utah School for the Blind are so proud of her for her hard work, outgoing personality, her ability to advocate for herself, and her courage to take on this demanding theatre performance. Way to go, Snow!”

Those involved in the play have said that Eklund’s blindness was not a factor during the casting process, and that she won the lead role solely based on her own merit and acting ability.

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