SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 Utah)- Two local mayors are teaming up to support a plan to expand Medicaid coverage to the poorest of Utahns.

It would provide critical care to about 16,000 Utahns, many of them are homeless or struggle with mental health issues.

The plan still leaves about 27,000 Utahns in the coverage gap, meaning they have no option for health insurance.

But after years of debate many people want to see the state cover the entire gap are saying something is better than nothing.

And House Bill 347 seems to be the compromise that can get through the legislature.

Tuesday, Salt Lake County Mayor, Ben McAdams and Salt Lake City Mayor, Jackie Biskupski endorsed the plan.

“We hope that in the future our state legislators will look toward serving all the uninsured in Utah. Representative Dunnigan’s bill is a step in the right direction, I support his bill whole heartedly,” said McAdams.

This partial expansion plan will cost $100 million dollars.

The state will cover $30 million leaving $70 million for the federal government.

It has passed a house committee and is on its way to the full House.

There is also a bill in the Senate for full Medicaid expansion.

Senate Bill 77 did pass a committee vote, but isn’t expected to do well on the Senate floor.