SANDY, Utah (ABC4) – Utahans are showing support for Ukraine in many ways… one of them being through flags. 

At Colonial Flags in sandy, hundreds of flags, big and small, are being sewn to meet the demands of Utahans buying the Ukrainian flag to show their support for the country.  

This includes the governor’s office, which bought a 10 by 15-foot flag from the company for today’s rally at the capital. 

Devaughn simper from colonial flags says the experience has been humbling. 

“It’s interesting to see and know how many Utahans, not just Utahans we get them from all over the country, but mostly Utahans care about the issues and showing their support for Ukraine and what’s going on over there,” simper said. 

The company ordered 125 yards of the specific Ukrainian blue and yellow fabric to sew more flags. According to simper these colors have represented Ukraine for over 300 years.