How effective are statewide mask requirements on the economy? New research data revealed


SLAT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – Researchers from the Marriner S. Eccles Institute for Economics and Quantitative Analysis have released new research about the impact of masks on economic activity.

The research is suggesting there is a direct link to mask using influencing consumer activity. In the report summary, it says that economic activity and health outcomes are tightly connected. Promoting a preventive measure like wearing masks decreases COVID-19 cases, increases consumer mobility, and increases consumer spending.

The new research shows five key areas where the masks help.

  1. COVID-19 cases decrease after the implementation of a mask requirement. “County-level data from across the U.S. show COVID 19 cases decrease after a mask requirement is put into place.
  2. Low case counts and mask requirements positively influence consumer activity. ” A Utah consumer sentiment survey conducted as part of the study found people would be 13% more likely to go to a store if confirmed COVID-19 cases fell by 10%. The survey also found people would be 51% more likely to go to a store if everyone was wearing a mask.”
  3. Consumer mobility increases after mask requirements are put in place. “People are willing to increase their mobility and economic activity if they feel safe.
  4. Spending increases in counties with mask requirements. “Consumer spending increases in counties with mask requirements relative to counties without mask requirements.”
  5. State mask requirements are more effective than county-level requirements. ” The study found that consumer spending actually decreases in the county with county-level mask requirements.”
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