UTAH (ABC4) – America’s leading light dairy ice cream brand just got creamer. Halo Top has altered its original recipe to deliver an even creamier texture with each spoonful. Though the product’s texture will be more similar to that of silky smooth ice cream, each pint will still be lower in calories and sugar and higher in protein than regular ice cream.

According to PR Newswire, Halo Top will be debuting its new recipe with a release of a brand new flavor: Chocolate Cake Batter. This 330 calorie pint will feature chocolatey batter-like ice cream dazzled with classic rainbow sprinkles, a duo that’s sure to amp up the celebration in any situation.

Pete Gargula, Halo Top brand manager, weighed in on the brand’s new and improved recipe, saying, “Throughout 2022, our fans can now enjoy their favorite Halo Top Dairy Light Ice Cream flavors with even creamier texture thanks to our latest reformulation. The new recipe will give fans all the delicious taste they know and love from Halo Top with an increase in creaminess.”

The new recipe will be available in the brand’s full line of flavors. The new creamy texture is a result of improved higher-quality ingredients such as ultrafiltered skim milk.

Look for “Now Creamier” labels on Halo Top ice cream when shopping at your local grocers.