LEHI, Utah (ABC4) – A man has been arrested after allegedly shooting a 13-year-old girl with a BB gun.

Lehi Police say the suspect is James Matthew Davis, 50.

Police say the incident happened on March 31 outside of an apartment in Lehi.

According to police documents, the 13-year-old girl says she first approached Davis believing he may have damaged her friend’s bicycle.

Police say she knocked on Davis’ front door and was greeted by Davis pointing at her with what appeared to be a handgun. The victim says Davis threatened her, saying he was going to shoot her while calling her an expletive.

The girl says she turned around and immediately ran away in a zigzag motion in an attempt to dodge any bullets. The girl told officers she “has never ran so fast in her life” as she believed she was being shot at. The victim says Davis’ gun resembled her grandfather’s handgun.

Police say the girl was shot at twice and was hit in the thigh by a small, round object. Officers noticed a welt on the victim’s thigh matching the size of a BB gun bullet. The girl also provided pictures of bruising on the backside of her thighs.

Eyewitnesses spotted BB gun pellets lying on the ground near the suspect’s doorway.

When being questioned, Davis denied any wrongdoing and was resistant to a police search of his residence or vehicle. Eventually, Davis consented to a search after speaking with an agent.
While searching Davis’ home, police discovered a BB gun matching the victim’s description. Police say the BB gun had “the appearance of a real weapon.”

Authorities discovered Davis was a restricted person on probation at the time of the arrest.

Davis has been arrested on two charges including aggravated assault and possession of a dangerous weapon by a restricted person.

He’s currently booked at the Utah County Sheriff’s Office.