LEHI, Utah (ABC4) – In a political statement, a gas station in Lehi was selling gas for nearly half the price on Tuesday.

The price dropped to $2.38 for unleaded gas. Drivers lined up bumper to bumper, waiting over an hour to pay $2.50 cheaper for a gallon of gas. And here in Utah, we’re still paying more than the national average. 

The gas station partnered with Americans for Prosperity Utah, who pitched in to give people a chance to pay less at the pump and ease the pain of inflation. 

They wanted to send the message to politicians that more needs to be done to lower gas prices and achieve more energy independence. 

As a locally-owned gas station, owner Jerry Larson said it’s hard keeping prices affordable. He said holding this event gave them a chance to give back to the community that keeps them running. 

“It breaks our heart but we have to charge what we get charged,” said Larson. “We’re changing prices every single day, we get different prices.”

Drivers who waited in line said it’s worth it to wait over an hour to pay almost half of what they would’ve paid at a different gas station. 

Drivers said they pay $70, $80 even over $100 dollars for a tank of gas and the savings truly helped.  

The owner of the gas station said politicians need to stop bickering and start doing more to lower gas prices throughout the country.