Last Refugee Family Arrives in SLC Before Ban


SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – Hundreds of people were at the Salt Lake International Airport Thursday to welcome a family of Afghanistan refugees escaping the war. This will be the last family to arrive in Utah before President Donald Trump’s refugee ban goes into effect.

The president’s executive order only includes seven countries for a period of 120 days.

Aden Batar is the Director of Refugee Resettlement for Catholic Community Services in Salt Lake City. He was the first Somalian refugee to settle in Utah back in 1994. He said while it may seem like a short period of time, Batar notes it can be like an eternity its for those escaping a war zone.

“In four months a lot of families will be separated, and people are going to die,” said Batar.

Several people who showed up to support the family were refugees themselves. Wisan Ksudshir is an Iraqi refugee who worked for an American company during the war. He came to Utah seven years ago, and wanted to show what America was really like for refugees.

” Show the world that America is not about hate, this is the real America,” said Ksudshir.

Hassan fled Afghanistan several years ago with his wife and five children to a refugee camp in Pakistan.

“We really appreciate the kindness of the people of the United States, and Utah,” said Hassan through a translator. “They welcome us with a good heart.”

Hassan was also asked about President Trump’s ban.

“I hope god will bring softness in his heart, and release the ban.”

Hassan hopes his kids will have the opportunity to get a good education while in the US.

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