HURRICANE, Utah (ABC4) – Lake Powell’s water levels are the lowest they’ve ever been. Boat ramps are a significant distance from the edge of the water.

“I’m standing roughly at high watermark, I’m about 10 feet give or take away and as you see, the imaginary line is where desert and vegetation exists,” says Sean Tracey, owner, and operator of Lake Powell Paddle Express.

He’s at Lone Rock, which was once surrounded by water and he says low water levels are taking a toll on business.

“Longer walks to the shoreline, longer lines for boats launching because launch ramps are no longer serviceable and the only launch ramp that is serviceable is constantly under construction,” he says.

Tracey says he’s having to adjust the way he operates his company, to stay afloat. But he says he’s hopeful as tourism season is kicking in and the pandemic is dwindling.

“I’m getting by far the most international hits or searches than I’ve received in three years of business,” he says.

But business owners relying on the water say there are still plenty of amazing views and areas to enjoy Lake Powell’s geology. Tracey says boaters should be vigilant of the obstacles unraveling amid low water levels.

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