KAYSVILLE, Utah (ABC4) – One of Kaysville Fire Department’s (KFD) paramedics-in-training walked away from a rescue mission last week with confidence after putting his medical skills to the ultimate test.

Crews with KFD responded as mutual-aid into Farmington on reports of a construction worker who had fallen more than 20 feet from a ladder, landing on an open staircase beneath him.

According to KFD, the patient suffered rib pain, difficulty breathing, and memory loss of the incident. The paramedic crew on scene found that the patient’s lung sounds could not be heard on one side, suggesting a tension pneumothorax, or a collapsed lung caused by blunt trauma. This condition has the potential to lead to respiratory arrest and even death if not treated immediately.

Based on the severity of the injuries, the patient was transported to a trauma center in the area. While in transport, KFD notes that Mike Hays, a Kaysville firefighter and paramedic school student, was able to successfully perform a needle decompression on the patient. In this procedure, a needed is inserted into the chest in order to release compressed air from the chest cavity, ultimately removing tension on the lung.

In the end, Hays’ efforts eased the patient’s breathing difficulties and prevented further airway complications.

A job well done!