Kane County family credits property manager for saving mother and unborn baby’s lives


DUCK CREEK VILLAGE (ABC4 News) – A Kane County family credits their property manager for saving the life of the mother and her unborn child in a propane explosion.

Brandon and Enisa Redmond came home to their rental cabin Saturday night from a trip and noticed the heater wasn’t working. They contacted their manager, Sid Trujillo, who came over to fix it.

“Sid is such a great, humble, happy, and generous man,” said Brandon. “He allowed us a place to rent when we were homeless and an opportunity to rebuild our lives.”

“Sid’s not the kind of person that would’ve told Brandon what to do over the phone,” said Enisa. “He’s the kind of person that would come home and be there to help out in person.”

Brandon said he and Sid went to check on the pilot light together.

“As he lit it, the flame started off normal and it slowly started to rise,” said Brandon. “When Sid went to reach down to turn the propane lower, next thing you know, the flame reached to the roof and the whole cabin exploded.”

The impact threw both Brandon and Sid to the ground. He said Enisa, who is pregnant with their second child, shielded their son during the explosion before an 800 lb. beam fell on top of her and pinned her down.

“As I got up, I realized my son is still in the pack-and-play and my wife is trying to pull him out through the netting,” said Brandon. “All I can see as I’m yelling at her to let go of our son is Sid coming over and pushing the beam off her back and throwing her out the door. Then I grabbed my son and we ran.”

Mandy White, Sid’s daughter said he feels a lot of guilt from what happened, despite the fact it was an accident.

“He never would have lit that fireplace if he had smelled the propane. If he would’ve smelled it, he would’ve gotten everyone out and evacuated the area until he knew everyone was safe,” she said.

But the Redmonds credit Sid for saving Enisa and their baby’s lives.

“Hugging Sid after the explosion and everything that happened was one of the best feelings in the world,” said Enisa. “Sid is my hero. Sid most definitely saved my life. He gets all bashful when I call him that, but it’s true.”

The cabin is a total loss, with nothing but charred rubble left behind. The Redmonds said they can’t believe they all walked away from the explosion with only a few scratches, burns, and bruises. 

“After everything that happened, I’m so thankful I get to hear my son’s laugh again,” said Enisa.

“What makes me so emotional is the idea that they shouldn’t have lived,” said Mandy. “They shouldn’t have lived but they’re alive. Sid loves his family so much and that’s what he’s most grateful for.”

Enisa said if there’s anything to be learned from this incident, it’s to always check your regulator before fixing your heat.

“Just do it. It’ll take five minutes to dig it out of the snow, but it’s worth it,” she said. “It’s worth it to not go through what we did.”

Brandon and Enisa will be naming their unborn baby after Sid.

“I love you, Papa Sid. I can’t wait to have our little Sid running around and I hope he grows up to be half the man you are,” said Enisa.

Thanks to help from the community and people around the state, the Redmonds will have a temporary place to stay until they can figure out a more permanent solution. If you would like to help, you can send donations via VenMo to @enisa-redmond.

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