SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — More victims have come forward after Parth Gandhi murdered his son and then took his own life over Mother’s Day weekend earlier this year.

The Justice Files spoke with multiple women who said Parth Gandhi sexually assaulted them. Many of the women claim those in power knew Gandhi was dangerous, but did nothing to stop the psychologist – calling the situation a “systemic failure that created more victims.”

ABC4’s The Justice Files met with one of Gandhi’s former patients, a woman who goes by the name “Hope.”

Hope contacted The Justice Files after she learned that Gandhi had murdered his son.

Hope’s story

Hope said she met Gandhi a few years ago when she was struggling with past trauma. A friend recommended she ask Gandhi about his ketamine therapy. 

“He offered to talk with me for free,” Hope said.

After talking to Gandhi, Hope said he gave her a lozenge and a glass of orange juice. After that, Hope said things got fuzzy and she lost several hours of time, not knowing what happened. 

Hope never reported this incident, but a different patient reported something similar two years ago to the Salt Lake City Police Department. According to that report, the woman told police Gandhi had slipped drugs in her orange juice and raped her.

Hope said Gandhi was well-known and respected in the ketamine therapy world. Not knowing exactly what happened and being in a very dark place, Hope said she went back to Gandhi one more time. 

During that visit, she said Gandhi put his hand on her thigh, something that triggered her past trauma. Hope said she froze. 

“His hand was there for a really long time,” Hope said. 

Eventually, Hope said Gandhi asked if he could touch her, his hand still on her leg. Hope said something inside her made her jump out of it. 

“I got up and got away from him and I just remember saying that I got to go and I left as fast as I could,” she said.

About a year after the first sexual assault was reported to SLCPD, another woman contacted police. According to those records, the woman reported Gandhi suggested treating her PTSD by giving her drugs and having sex with her. 

A third woman came forward in February 2023, telling police Gandhi drugged and raped her, according to SLCPD documents. 

In all three of these SLCPD reports, the women told police they were afraid. Two of the women told police Gandhi had assaulted other women. 

The reports show no indication officers ever interviewed Gandhi.

Salt Lake City police never interview Gandhi

The Salt Lake City Police Department declined The Justice Files’ request for an interview on why officers did not speak with Gandhi. 

Instead, the PR Unit released a statement that said in part:

“In general, and not speaking to any one case in particular, due to the sensitive nature of these cases, and to protect those making these reports, we will not comment other than saying our detectives took appropriate action.”

The PR Unit also stated one of the victims did not want to proceed with the case. 

When Hope learned other women had reported Gandhi to the police, she said she was in shock and felt guilty for not speaking up. 

“I was scared and he’s so well-known,” said Hope. 

Now looking at these police reports, Hope said her guilt has been replaced with disappointment and doubt.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if nothing would have come from it, but I always have to wonder,” she said.