OGDEN, Utah (ABC4) – Adam Brixey was supposed to be looking for copper.

That’s what he told his wife. In 2015, he left with a friend, but Brixey never returned.

Six years later, there still hasn’t been any sign of Brixey.

“At the time, we were using drugs and we were staying at a Motel 6 in Riverdale,” says Danielle Brixey.

At the time, Adam Brixey worked at odd jobs. His latest was helping his dad on a project in Ogden.

They were preparing a building set for demolition. But his wife says Adam would return to the building after hours.

“He and a friend of mine would go over there and get metal and copper so that they could sell,” says his wife.

In 2015, there was a warrant for Adam Brixey’s arrest. He was wanted for drug possession and trespassing.

Danielle Brixey recalls police arrived at the motel trying to find him. But he wasn’t there.

She then called their friend Randy Fackrell, who often joined Adam to search for copper. She says Adam was with him the day he disappeared.

Both went to the abandoned building, but Adam was not around.

“We went back over there and I had Adam’s backpack, his laptop, and all his clothes,” she says. “He obviously had the clothes he had on and a hat and glasses.”

After that, she contacted Ogden police in hopes of doing a thorough search inside the building. But she claims they wouldn’t because there was no indication of foul play.

Brixey had a hunch that Adam got stuck in a vent while searching for copper. She says he would often crawl through the vents to reach spots in the building.

“I think he is (in there),” Brixey says. “I don’t believe (he took off) because he has family here.”

Over the next six years, Danielle Brixey has searched on her own. She visited the shelters, city streets in hopes of running into him. She never did.

Two years later, the building was finally demolished. She says there was never any organized search in the abandoned building. In its place is a new apartment complex.

Danielle Brixey became depressed and started using drugs again. She finally hit rock bottom and sought help. Through counseling, she’s turned her life around, but often thinks of Adam.

“It’s something else,” she says. “Even though he’s missing, I have to move on and live my life for me.”

She says a therapist made her write a personal obituary of Adam.

“I’ve accepted that,” she says.

Wednesday, there are theories of what happened and the efforts to find him.