The Justice Files: Where’s Adam Brixey? Pt. 2

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OGDEN, Utah (ABC4) – In 2015, Adam Brixey left his motel room and never returned.

For the past six years, his wife and others have given up hope that he’s alive. But the question still remains as to what happened to him.  

His wife Danielle Brixey believes he was stuck inside an abandoned building and died there.

“I think he is,” says Brixey.

At the time, Adam Brixey worked with his dad as they prepared an abandoned building in Ogden for demolition.

But his wife says there was copper inside that lured him back after hours.

“He and a friend of mine would go over there and get metal and copper so that they could sell,” says Danielle Brixey.

One night, Adam never returned, so his wife called her friend Randy Fackrell, who she claimed was with him the night he vanished.

She says Fackrell told her that Adam left on his own while searching for copper in the building.

“We went back over there and I had Adam’s backpack, his laptop, and all his clothes,” Brixey says.  He obviously had the clothes he had on and a hat and glasses.”

She had a hunch that Adam gots stuck in a vent while searching for copper.

Brixey contacted Ogden police, but she couldn’t get anyone to do an extensive search inside the building.

The couple were drug users. In fact, there was a warrant for Adam’s arrest in 2015. He was facing charges of drug possession and trespassing.

Danielle says she became depressed and relapsed before getting treatment for her addiction.

Recently, a group called “We help the missing” took up her case and posted his disappearance on their website.

“Adam was a nice family man who had a problem with drugs and would go on binges,” says Mark Davis, who sponsors the local website. “But that doesn’t discount that he’s a missing person.”

The building has since been demolished, and in its place is an apartment complex.

“I think the insinuation is he is somewhere in that building,” says Jason Jensen, an investigator for the Utah Cold Case Coalition.

Jensen believes Brixey is dead. He says there has been no activity of Brixey’s use of his social security number and his last known records show that he was in Ogden.

“So, the question is, someone knows what happened to him and who would want to dispose of him?” Jensen says.

He says the answer may be with his friend who was with him at the time of his disappearance. But he says Fackrell also vanished shortly after Brixey disappeared.

“He last lived in the Ogden area before he moved out of state,” says Jensen.

But the problem for law enforcement is they need probable cause to begin asking questions.  

For now, they don’t have that.

Davis and Jensen say someone has answers and information that can help crack this case.

Ogden police would also like any information about the disappearance of Adam Brixey.

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