SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – It is a message for a suspected killer: surrender.

It’s coming from the Utah Cold Case Coalition.

For the past two years, the non-profit group has been running a parallel investigation into the death of Genesis McCall, who died in 2016.

Roy police say their investigation is active, but to date, no arrests have been made.

The co-founder of the coalition claims it recently uncovered new information that leads to a suspect.

“We have had reports from multiple sources of information about what happened to Genesis, who did it and why,” says Karra Porter.

If the information proves to be accurate, it may soon lead to an arrest.

In 2016, police arrived at the home after a 911-call. They found her unconscious,
but she later died at the hospital. Police call her death suspicious.

Five-years later, the death of McCall remained unsolved.

The Utah Cold Case Coalition ran it’s own investigation, and two months ago, someone called with information about the toddler’s death.

Then the coalition received another call from a different person. They are not related, but the information is very similar.

Porter says the callers know what happened to McCall and have very specific information.

“Basically, the person that killed Genesis lost it and bit her extensively, struck her on the head, and she appears to have been strangled as well,” says Porter. “It was a terrible crime.”

Porter won’t disclose who the suspect is, but from the outset, Roy police discovered only two men were in the home at the time McCall needed medical attention. According to a search warrant issued in 2016, an older man in the home called 911. Meanwhile McCall’s mother was at work according to the warrant.

“He (suspect) knows who it is,” says Porter. “We all know who it is. But if he turns himself in, he might get more of a break than if police have to come get him. And I do believe they’re going to come get him.”

Porter, who is also an attorney, says their information will hold up in court. She says the coalition will give the man thirty days to surrender. If he doesn’t, Porter says they will turn over their information to Roy police.