SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) – Timmy Olsen said he’s done all he can to locate Kiplyn Davis.

In 1995, Olsen admitted to being with Davis and an unnamed young man in Spanish Fork Canyon.  Davis, a high school student was never seen again and her body has never been recovered.

In 2011, Olsen pleaded guilty to manslaughter in her death but never said who was with him.  He once tried taking authorities to where he thought she was buried but her remains were never found.

Olsen was sentenced to up to 15-years in prison and Tuesday, he appeared before a Utah Board of Pardons hearing officer.  

Hearing Officer Carrie Cochran asked him: “Do you want to go ahead and tell us what happened that day?”

Timmy Olsen: “Without asking my lawyer and speaking to her about it, I am not going to answer that question until I speak with her.

Once again, Olsen disappointed the Davis family.  Richard Davis was present during the virtual video conference.

Previously, Olsen admitted that he was present in May 1995 when Davis was killed in Spanish Fork Canyon.

Olsen claimed Davis and an unnamed young man left him alone.  But he heard an argument and saw the friend hit Davis in the head with a rock twice.  He eventually helped bury the body.

Rewards were offered, searches were conducted but Davis was never found, even to this day.

“I knew she was gone,” Richard Davis told ABC4 in 2015.  “I wasn’t like Ed Smart that had that feeling like Elizabeth was still alive.”

In federal court, Olsen and others were indicted on perjury charges related to Davis’ disappearance and murder.

But prosecutors believed David Leifson who was indicted for perjury,  was the other young man involved.  

Both Olsen and Leifson served time in a federal prison on perjury charges.

In 2010, Olsen was charged with Davis’ murder but later pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was sentenced up to 15-years in prison

Tuesday, Olsen appeared before a hearing officer.  Kiplyn’s father along with several high ranking officials, including the Lt. Governor were also there through the video link.

“What about the sleepless nights my family has gone through about where Kiplyn’s body is?” Davis asked.  “Why can’t Tim just show us and bring us peace to our family.  All our family wants is to bring Kiplyn home to bury her in a proper place.”

Olsen was not about to answer without speaking to his attorney.

Hearing officer Carrie Cochran:  “Ok. so, you don’t want to talk about the events of that day?”

Timmy Olsen: “Not until I speak with my lawyer, no.  It’s a serious matter and I take it very seriously and I don’t want anything to be misconstrued about how accurate the information is.”

Cochran reminded Olsen about a new law that prevents parole to someone convicted of a murder and refuses to disclose where the body is.  Olsen said he was aware of the new law but couldn’t help the Davis family.

“I’ve done everything I can,” Olsen said. “I take responsibility.  There’s nothing else I can do. There’s nothing else I can provide that would change the situation.”

Afterwards, Olsen’s attorney said her client is very aware that he may not be paroled. 

“He answered truthfully stating that he had done all that he could and he does not have any additional information as to the location of Kiplyn Davis,” said Carolyn Howard.

In regards as to why Davis was not where Olsen previously thought she was, Howard said she didn’t know.