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SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) – The killing spree began in 1986 and before it was over, three friends were murdered and their cases remain unsolved.

In 1986, 14-year-old Tiffany Hambleton was murdered.  A year later, Christine Gallegos was found dead in a Salt Lake City alley way. Then, Dee Dee Wach was shot and killed outside her home in Kearns the following year.

“When Christine was killed, it was very hard on Dee Dee,” said her mother Dorothy Prince. “She was really upset when Christine died.

Both Wach and Gallegos were friends and would hang out. They, along with Hambleton eventually worked together at a nightclub on State Street called R Comorts.

“It eventually grew into an escort service owned by Paul Wach himself,” said Jason Jensen with the Utah Cold Case Coalition. “They were either escorting for someone else or working under the direction of Paul.”

Paul Wach eventually married Dee Dee. In 1989, he was sent to prison for child prostitution.

“It’s more than a coincidence to have Christine that is an unsolved murder and Dee Dee who is an unsolved murder,” said Jensen.

He also said Hambleton’s murder was also a chance occurrence.

Even though Hambleton was only 14-years old Jensen said she was a dancer at R Comforts.  All three were given stylish boots to dance for men at the nightclub. 

“I know (Christine’s mother) asked me about some boots and I said yes, Dee Dee had some boots.  They were high-top boots that were given to her as part of her uniform for her job working at this bar.”

When Hambleton’s body was discovered, Jensen said she was only wearing socks.

“Someone took her boots,” he said.

After her daughter’s death, Leah Gallegos keep notes as she continued to investigate her daughter’s death.  She shared those notes with Prince. One sentence caught Prince’s attention.

“She (Dee Dee) knew too much about Christine’s death.” It was attributed to Roger Comforts, owner of the nightclub.

Dee Dee Wach’s ex-husband, Paul also worked at R Comforts as a doorman and according to Prince, she was in a bitter custody battle and very abusive.

“He finally beat her good and she had had enough,” said Prince. “She moved back home. She got her a job and (Paul) was always calling. He even threatened us.”

She said her daughter was was making plans to move out of state with her child and new boyfriend.

In a text the boyfriend claimed “Paul told both of us we would go down two days before she was murdered.”

But it was all circumstantial evidence.  Paul Wach was questioned but never arrested. He supposedly had an alibi. But Prince still believed he hired a hitman to kill Dee Dee.

“We just need someone to come forward and provide us the information we need,” said Prince.

Jensen, the investigator for the Utah Cold Case Coalition said friends or associates are the key to solving these murders. That’s because police have either given up on the cases or in the Wach case, it is still being investigated.

“We are trying to learn here at the coalition who all was involved in their lives and it maybe one of their friends who heard a rumor on the streets or heard a confession,” Jensen said.

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