PROVO, Utah (ABC4) – A repeat sex offender will not avoid jail after all.

In fact, Seth Adams is headed to prison.

Adams pleaded guilty to reduce charges related to a sexual attack on a woman. Both his attorney and the prosecutor signed off on the plea deal that reduced a rape charge to forcible sex abuse. In addition, they recommended Adams receive probation, no sexual offender treatment, and no jail time.

Problem was, Millie Hausner, who survived Adams sexual attack, didn’t agree to those conditions.

In addition, Adams was already on the sex offender registry.

“I don’t have any reason to be ashamed for a crime I didn’t commit,” Hausner first told ABC4 in early April.

ABC4 normally does not name victims in sex crimes, but Hausner insisted in using her name. She said she wants others to hear her story and perhaps it will empower them.

It all began when Adams and Hausner met on a group page on Facebook. They exchanged texts and she agreed to go on an informal date. But she said it didn’t work out and she no longer was interested in Adams.

“We just didn’t click,” she said.

But Adams wouldn’t go away. He sent multiple sex-related texts. He wanted to have sex with her. She tried to block him. Adams eventually showed up at her home. Hausner had no idea how he found her address.

He continued to insist on having sex. She didn’t want that. It ended with Adams forcing himself on her, according to charging documents.

Prosecutors in Utah County eventually charged him with multiple sex-related charges, including rape.

In Feburary, he accepted a plea deal and rape was dropped in favor of forcible sex abuse and sexual battery.

The deal would give Adams probation, no sex offender treatment, no jail, but he must wear an ankle monitor.

Hausner did not like the offer.

“I was bullied into it,” she said. “I didn’t know there was a way to agree or not agree.”

The issue between prosecutors and Adams’ attorney was whether the incident was consensual.

“As Seth explained to me that he would never stop and that I should try to have sex with him or that he could take it,” Hausner said during Adams’ sentencing Tuesday.

She said she feared for her life, and because he was much bigger and stronger, Hausner attempted to outsmart him.

“I knew I wouldn’t be able to outmuscle him at all,” she said. “I look back at this moment and I feel like a complete failure. I wasn’t able to talk my way out of it. I wasn’t able to keep myself safe.”

So Hausner gave in to his demands.

Adams is already on the sex offender registry for a previous sex offense.

At Tuesday’s sentencing. he still maintained his innocence.

“I apologize to (Millie) for being so persistent,” he told the judge. “I should not have done that. It was bullyish of me. But I did not push myself on this woman.”

Judge Thomas Low said he was not about to give Adams probation after he maintained he was innocent of the charges.

He also reminded Adams that he is now a two-time sex offender.

For the more serious charge of forcible sex abuse, Adams was given a one-year-to-life sentence at the Utah State Prison.

As a repeat sex offender, Adams will remain on the sex offender registry for the rest of his life.