DRAPER, Utah (ABC4 News) – A serial rapist claims to be a changed man.

In 1987 Cary Hartmann, an Ogden police officer was convicted of raping several women in Weber County.

After 32 years in prison, the 72-year old is seeking parole.

“It was a blessing to come to prison,” Hartmann told the hearing officer Tuesday at the state prison. “I deserved what I got.”

He said it was all because of the many bad choices he made in the 1980s.

That’s when Hartmann was eventually convicted of violently raping four women throughout Weber County. During their investigation of the crimes, detectives soon learned he was one of their own.

“This person indicated at some point during the crime that he was a police officer,” said Lt. Mike Empy back in 1987. “Of course that led us to investigate that angle of the crime.”

At the time of his arrest, there were 14 unsolved rapes in Weber County. His arrest brought some relief.

In 1987, Gaye Littleton with Ogden’s YWCA issued a cautionary statement following Hartmann’s arrest.

“We don’t know if all the rapes that are going on are really attributed to him so people shouldn’t feel real safe,” Littleton told ABC4 News.

Hartmann also admitted to raping his former girlfriend Sheree Warren who disappeared in 1985.

He was never charged because the evidence was lost at the crime lab.

Warren’s disappearance remains unsolved.

At Tuesday’s parole hearing, Hartmann never spoke of Warren nor did he talk of the other victims.

Instead, he focused on himself saying bad habits caused his behavior.

“Those were parts of my life surrounded by pornography,” he said. “I describe that as a drug of choice. That made me go cruising for women. I have nothing to do with porn. I have changed my life.”

Hartmann said those so-called bad habits are a thing of the past. Since his incarceration, Hartmann has stayed out of trouble, went through sex offender treatment and sought counseling for his vices.

“I wish to be defined as to who I am now and not who I was,” Hartmann told his hearing officer. “I’m a different man now than I was 40 years ago.”

Hartmann’s wish for parole appears within reach. The hearing officer ordered Hartmann to go through a final session in the sex offender treatment program. He also said the entire board of pardons will review his file and may or may not request a final hearing with him. Hearing officer Brad Rich said if the board doesn’t seek another hearing he may be released soon after that.