SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Someone knows who killed a toddler in Roy.

But to date, no one has been arrested for the death of Genesis McCall.

In 2016, police received a 911 call and arrived at the home and found the 22-month old unconscious. Genesis McCall later died at the hospital.

A 2016 search warrant revealed that those in the home claimed the “child fell.”
But the autopsy indicated there was “bruising and bite marks” and head injuries. The warrant indicated the child died from “strangulation.”

“We’re just going to keep investigating and once we get to that point we will make any arrest if they are warranted,” officer Josh Taylor told ABC4 in 2016.

But five years later, the death of Genesis still is unsolved.

The investigation, according to the search warrant indicated two men were in the home when the child died. Genesis’ mother was at work.

For the past 2 years, the Utah Cold Case Coalition ran a parallel investigation. It’s a case the co-founder never forgot.

“She’s a helpless toddler,” said Karra Porter. “The number of suspects is extremely limited. What was done to her was violent and inexcusable and it suggested to me, the person that did it needs some help.”

A few months ago, the coalition got a call from someone with information about Genesis’ death.
Soon, the coalition got another call from a different person. In all, they received three calls from people who were not related but had similar information about the toddler’s death.

Porter said it wasn’t hearsay and they know what happened to baby Genesis at the home.

“We fell that we know have enough information that it would hold up in court,” Porter said.

On Wednesday, you will hear more details about the new evidence and Porter even offers a direct message to the suspect.